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"Arte Andino" is a Trading Company incorporated in Germany since 1998 and is part of the Limited Company PAFINGE in Quito-Ecuador.

"Arte Andino" consists of a multidisciplinary team of Ecuadorians which aims to promote and market global handmade products in different regions of Ecuador, with a broad sense of social responsibility.

Mission and vision: "Fair trade - Fair Trade"
Our mission is to offer products of artisans in Ecuador directly, without intermediaries to the world, strengthening the bonds of solidarity and fair trade. Our knowledge of the Ecuadorian reality allows us to really appreciate the handmade product and to provide, in the medium and long term, improve the quality of life of Ecuadorian artisans, offering a fair price for their high quality products.

The global trade must be based on solidarity networks, which is why "Andino Art", is a company with social vision because while offering handmade products certified quality, we intend our work and effort, providing the project management to enable Ecuadorian artisans improve their living standards, provide, implying a substantial benefit for both the craftsmen and our customers.

It is with this view that one of our most important goals for 2012 is to launch various sustainable development projects aimed at straw shawl artisans in Ecuador in the cities of Cuenca and Montecristi, to generate continued growth in production of straw hats, but in a fair and severally liable with the craftsman. For which we are consolidating strategic alliances with natural or legal persons, public and private enterprises, social organizations, NGOs, who want to join our project and promote worldwide the "fair trade".

A hat, a legend!

A hat for the true connoisseur - the famous original, the Panama hat!