Hat care

This gives you maximum enjoyment from your Panama hat, be aware of the
following information:

Care of Panama

· Insert your Panama hat upside down on his crown on a clean surface or
in a box.
· Brush your hat regularly so that it does not lose its luster and appearance.
· Clean dust or stains with a damp cloth.
· If your hat gets wet accidentally, absorb the excess water with a dry,
clean cloth.
· Stains can be wiped with a damp cloth and soap, as long as they do not in the
Straw invaded.
· Try to iron out any wrinkles with an iron. Please choose this one
low temperature. but be sure a white, clean, damp cloth between
Laying Iron and hat.
· Keep your Panama hat away from artificial heat, such as heating, stove, lamps. He is
high humidity usual and therefore must not dry out.
· When loading and removing your hat, grasp the front and rear to the brim. avoid
as little as possible to touch the crown of the hat.

Instructions for rolling up your hat.

Most of our original Panama hats can be based on your quality and flexibility
Curled, but he should not be bent.
If you, however, the original shape of your hat is important, you should to roll down
rather do without.

If you roll up your hat yet, you do so at your own risk.

Note then follow these steps:
For Curled grasp from inside the head of the hat and then in the middle of the headboard
up. Then fold the hat once in the middle together, so that both brims with the
Inside flat superposed. The hat must not be bent!
Finally, roll on the hat of the page as an ice cream cone. On one side of the head of the hat
as tip and on the other side a little wider the rolled brim.

Other information:
Store it best in moist environments. Too dry hat should be rolled in any case.
Nevertheless, the Panama hat is not suitable for heavy rain, as at strong soaking he his
can lose ironed form. No original Panama hat is completely waterproof.
However, we suggest that you do so at your own risk, as we have a
not recommend rolling up.

Here you can see the care instructions for your Panama - Download