Men's Panama Cuenca

Men's Panama Hat Cuenca In Cuenca, the hut is not as fine as the Montecristi, thus the processing time is much shorter and therefore inexpensively. Nevertheless, the starting material is the same. From this area there are numerous chic copy in classic form with four different Ripsbandfarben, of which we offer here a just selected. Other models or types are available on request. Here we offer three basic qualities: ESPECIAL, FINO and EXTRA FINO. What makes a handmade hat straw from Ecuador, a quality product: ✓ Fair Trade ✓ Pure luxury from the finest braided palm leaf fibers of Toquilla-. ✓ Classic, elegant grosgrain Hutgarnitur from the finest: ⁃ Ripsbandfarben: black, dark blue, dark green dark brown, light brown. ✓ Robust antiperspirant hatband inside ensures precise fit ✓ height Hutkrone: approximately 10 to 11 cm ✓ Classic closed Kronenflechtung forms elegant finish. ✓ Comfortable UV protection Sun Protect 40 - UV Standard 801 ✓ Origin: 100% hand woven in Cuenca, Ecuador ✓ Hat Brim: about 6 to 11 cm. The hat impresses with its dense wattle protects against sun and its harmful UV rays. Even in extreme heat, it provides a cool head. This exclusive hat is a natural product and each piece is unique. Slight variations in color, small bumps are not a quality defect. They underline the authenticity of the material. Because we want you to have a long time to enjoy your Panama hat, you get from us with each hat a care instructions and upon request a detailed and precise instructions for the rolling up of the hat. Most of our original Panama hats can be rolled due to your quality and flexibility, but it should not be bent. If you, however, the original shape of your hat is important, you should avoid posting the rolling up. If you roll up your hat yet, do so at your own risk. "For us, Fair Trade is a moral matter of course"