Men's Panama - Montecristi

A hat, a legend!
A hat for the true connoisseur - the famous original, the Panama!

Men's and Women Panama Montecristi  hats

The Montecristi Panama hat is unique, experienced Hutwebern the town of Montecristi (Manabi Province) woven from the Toquilastroh of disk flowers family (Carludovica palm, also known as Panama hat Carludovica palmata plant) is manufactured. For this weaving craftsman there will be in the foreseeable future no longer successor when the new genationen not allowed because of life, because for us is the Fairtrade a moral matter of course. Processing of very thin straws takes manually per hat up to 8 months. The tradition dates back to the 17th century. Back. The different price levels are based on quality and workmanship. The finer the fiber and its weave, the softer, lighter, and of course, quality is the Panama hat.

Here you will find beautiful, elegant Panama hats for every occasion.

What makes a handmade hat straw from Ecuador, a quality product:
✓    Pure luxury from the finest braided leaf fibers of Toquilla
✓    Palm tree classic, elegant Hutgarnitur of finest grosgrain
✓    Elegance embodies the legendary silhouette of the hat
✓    Robust antiperspirant hatband inside ensures precise fit
✓    Classical closed Kronenflechtung forms elegant finish The hat impresses with its dense wattle protects against sun and its harmful UV rays.

Even in extreme heat, it provides a cool head. This exclusive hat is a natural product and each piece is unique. Slight variations in color, small bumps are not a quality defect. They underline the authenticity of the material