here you will find only genuine panama hats from Ecuador

Quality Panama hats. ** The we present you here ** and can be ordered online. Original Panama, Ecuador, hand-woven in all sizes and colors for men and women.

The original Panama hat

The Panama hat prevents skin cancer before:
According to the World Health Organization gives you a hat to protect your eyes, ears, face and neck. Very closely woven hats provide additional protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Even in hot weather, it provides a clear head and the UV protection factor 60,
was also confirmed by the Textile Research Centre "Hohenstein Institutes".

Production of Panama Hats
The very special palm tree grows only in the fertile coastal strip of Ecuador.
The hats are made from the straw of the toquilla palm, which can be harvested after 2.5 years.

We only use the best heart of a palm tree for the hats.
However, only the young shoots are suitable.
The palm fiber is extracted from the vein, which grows in the palm of toquilla drive.
The palm fiber for about 20 minutes. repeatedly boiled and left to dry until it reaches a constant color and size.
Through intensive tapping the resulting straw is smooth. Now it is ready to be woven around.

The weaver spins the first circular center pieces and then continue with the brim down.
The straw is put in a form in which the top is made.
The woven straw is fixed with a leather strap on the form.
The hat is pulled from the mold and the plaited edges together.
The protruding blades without the structure of the hat to damage cut off at the edges.

The Hutrohlinge are now washed to remove any impurities.
Depending on the desired color, the cottage is processed accordingly. White hats are bleached and colored immersed in a dye bath.
The color palette includes 32 colors and goes from white to red to black.
Now dry the hats a few hours in the sun Ecuador, are then pressed into shape and further processed.

After the quality inspection the fine control follows. Last errors are corrected and the cottage honed to perfection. Then the sweatband inside and outside the hatband is attached. The hats are stored and sent the world if necessary.

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