About us

Arte Andino is a small family business from Ecuador. Since 1998, we have been offering various handmade products of the highest quality worldwide under these names.

Fair Trade
Arte Andino has very close, commercial contact with hat hatters in Ecuador, and therefore the opportunity to pay "fair prices", completely independent of world market prices. This largely secures the existence of these families and improves their quality of life.

"Arte Andino" is a multidisciplinary team of Ecuadorians dedicated to the promotion and marketing of global handmade products in different regions of Ecuador, with a broad sense of social responsibility.

Mission and Vision: "Fair Trade - Fair Trade"
Our mission is to provide products of artisans in Ecuador directly, without intermediaries in the world, strengthening the bonds of solidarity and fair trade. Our knowledge of the Ecuadorian reality allows us to appreciate the handmade product and to provide, in the medium and long term, the quality of life improvement of the Ecuadorian artisans and offers a fair price for their high quality products.

World trade must be based on solidarity networks, which is why "Andino Art", is a company with a social point of view, offering handmade products certified quality, we want to offer our work and effort, providing project management to enable Ecuadorian artisans to improve their living conditions a significant advantage for both the craftsmen and our customers.

It is with this vision that one of our main goals is to implement and support our experience, many sustainable development projects among artisans straw shawl in Ecuador in the cities of Cuenca and Montecristi, aimed to generate further growth in production of Straw hats, but fair and stick with the artisan. For which we want to consolidate strategic alliances with natural or legal persons, public and private companies, social organizations, NGOs, who want to join our project and promote the worldwide fair trade.
A hat, a legend!
A hat for the true connoisseur - the famous original, the Panama hat!
... the wrong name?

Originally the noble hat has been produced since 1630 in Montecristi, Manabi province - Ecuador. A true miracle of manual dexterity, woven from fine fibers of a special palm species called "Paja Toquilla".

The Panama hat was known by its shipment to Europe, the 1880 World Fair in Paris and the sale to prospectors on the way to North America.
The name "Panama" comes from the construction of the Panama Canal. Traders from Ecuador sold their hats in Panama, especially to the sewer workers. These wore the airy and light shade dispenser to endure the excruciating heat more easily.

While visiting the construction of the Panama Canal in November 1906, American President Theodore Roosevelt adorned and protected his head with one of these hats. His photo went around the world and the Panama Hat became a symbol of modern and famous people like Winston Churchill, Harry Truman, Erich Honecker, Paul Newman and many more.

Attention with copies from other countries !!!

The original Ecuadorian handicrafts from Montecristi, show delicate braided patterns, revive the hats with subtle rosettes, snail-shaped circles and concentric shapes. The models from the Cuenca highlands are characterized by circular rings.

In addition to the straw quality, they are an important indicator of a true "Panama hat".

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Arte Andino is a small family business from Ecuador. Since 1998, we have been offering various handmade products of the highest quality worldwide under these names.